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The Central Translations Company appeared in 2009. From a small company we managed to grow into one of the leaders of the translations industry in the Russian capital. Customers turn to our translations company, as they can use the customer support around the clock and without days off and translate text from any language of the world. The company assembles exclusively first-class translators and managers who perform the full range of translations services, interpretation and notarial translations, find innovative solutions and always bring the work to completion.

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Frequently asked questions
  1. Do you need urgent notarial translations?

    Our translations agency specializes in urgent translations. We are located next to the notary's office. We perform notarized translations of any documents promptly and as soon as possible. On average, we spend one hour per translations of a document (depending on the language and the total volume of the text).

  2. Do you offer discounts for a large amount of money?

    Yes, our company provides discounts to regular customers, and we are ready to offer reduced prices when ordering a large amount of text.

  3. How quickly do you translate?

    Our company specializes in urgent translations. When receiving the documents, we quickly prepare a letter for you with a detailed description of the timing and cost of translations!

  4. Do you charge extra for the subject matter of the text?

    We almost never do a surcharge for the translations. Our database of translators on various topics allows you to perform translations within the established tariffs. In extremely rare situations, we can make an extra charge, but only if the area of translations is very narrow and there are practically no good translators in it, and those who are able to do this work at substantially overvalued rates.

  5. Do you charge extra for the document (layout)?

    It all depends on the complexity of formatting. If your document is executed in one of the simple MS Office programs, there will not be a markup for it. Formatting the same complex tables, images with text and text blocks takes a very long time. In this case, additional specialists are involved in the work and their services are paid separately.

  6. Do you do a test translations?

    Yes, of course, we perform a test translations. The volume of the test translations is 1-2 accounting pages. If the text of the test translations is taken out of the general document, we always ask that you provide it with an expanded version. This will directly affect the quality of the translations.

  7. Do you work on prepayment?

    Yes, we work on full or partial (50%) advance payment. After receiving the order, we promptly evaluate its cost and terms of execution and send the information to you, if you are satisfied with our conditions, we send you our details and agree on the amount of the advance payment.

  8. How do you calculate the volume of the translations?

    We estimate the amount of text for translations in the accounting pages. One account page is equal to 1800 characters with spaces. It is also possible to calculate the number of words and physical pages, depending on the direction of the translations.

  9. How do you make payment?

    You can pay for our services in almost any way. We accept payment by cashless method on the account, in cash or through electronic payment systems. We accept payment in rubles, dollars and euros.

  10. What is the minimum cost of notarial translations?

    The minimum cost of a notarized translations of the document is 1300 rubles, the translations completion time is 1 hour. With a large amount of documents, we can provide a discount by agreement.

  11. Do you certify the translated document and how much does it cost?

    Yes, we can notarize the translator's signature on the translated document. The cost of this service is 1000 rubles. The execution time is from 1 to 2 hours.


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